Organs of the University

The Scientific Council of the University


The scientific council of the university is made up of
  •     The rector, president,
  • the vice-rectors,
  • the deans of the faculties,
  • the directors of the institutes and, if applicable, the directors of the
  • the presidents of the scientific councils of faculties and institutes,
  • research unit directors, if applicable,
  • the head of the central university library.
  • two (2) teachers’ representatives per faculty and institute elected among those belonging to the highest grade,
  • Two representatives of  the Assistant professors
  •  two (2) external personalities who are teachers elevating other universities.

The Scientific Council may invite any person whose expertise may be useful to its work.


The scientific council of the university issues opinions and recommendations notably on
    • Annual and multi-year training and research plans for the university,
    • Projects for the creation, modification or dissolution of faculties, institutes, departments and, where appropriate, annexes, research units and research boratories,
    • National and international exchange and scientific cooperation programs,
    • The training and research reports of the university,
    • Partnership programs of the university with the various socio-economic sectors,
    • The programs of the scientific events of ‘university,
    • Actions to promote the results of the research,
    • Balance sheets and projects for acquisition of scientific and technical documentation.
    • It proposes the orientations of the research and scientific and technical documentation policies of the university.
    • It gives its opinion on any other educational and scientific question submitted to it by its president.
    • The president informs the board of directors of the opinions and recommendations issued by the university’s scientific council.
Minutes of the scientific council

PV CSU N3 du 22/11/2022


PV CSU N02 du 13-12-2021


PV CSU N02 du 13-12-2021


  •  members representing the teachers are elected by their peers for a term of three (3) years, renewable one (1) time, among the permanent teachers in position of activity within the faculty and the institute.


Directors of university


Newsletter Of the University

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