Common Services

The center and information systems and communication networks, distance learning and distance education

 (CSRICTED ) is responsible for:

  • Operation, administration and management of the network infrastructure,
  • The operation and development of computer applications teaching management,
  • Monitoring and implementation of distance education projects and distance learning,
Directed by Mr.KHALDI Abdelkrim
Directed by :Dr.Sarah BENMAMMAR
Intensive Language Teaching Centre

The CEIL is a structure of the University of Mascara. Its mission is to facilitate access to language learning and improve students’ level of language and professionals in different trades.

Intensive Computing Centre

The Intensive Computing or High Performance Computing (HPC) is an area which includes the necessary hardware and software tools for running applications and complex techniques used in various academic and industrial fields such as hydrocarbons, pharmaceutical, medical imaging, meteorology and physics simulations.

Directed by : Mr.Bakhti Benaoumer
Technology Hall

This educational structure, where students can carry out practical work in the field of technology, has the following target:

  • Provide TP for all sectors.
  • Promote scientific research.
  • Organization of scientific activities.
  • Bringing the university closer to the economic sector.
  • Provide services.
Communication Management


Director of University 09th floor

045 71 65 07


Newsletter Of the University

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