Quality Assurance Unit


The Quality Assurance Unit is a unit which is attached to the rector of the university. It is responsible for steering actions in different domains, including governance, pedagogy, research, life at university, infrastructure management, cooperation, and relations with the socio-professional world with the aim of improving their quality.


The Quality Assurance Units constitute the core of the quality assurance system in the Algerian higher education sector. This system is also composed of the followings:

  • CIAQES (the Implementation of Quality Assurance Commission in Higher Education, Decree No. 167 of May 31, 2010): an organ which is dependent on the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and responsible – among others – to support the Quality Assurance Units and the RAQ in their procedures.
  • The regional CIAQES of the east, west and the center
  • The CNE (National Evaluation Council, decree of January 21, 2010)
  • The Assurance Unit of the quality of the institution (Quality Assurance Manager).
  • The RNAQES (Referential National Quality Assurance System in Higher Education). This document is deemed to be a basis for assuring a good quality at the university. On one hand, it includes references, and on the other hand it contains the criteria and evidences needed for evaluation of a good implementation. (The document can be downloaded from the CIAQES site).


Quality Assurance Unit



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