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A university library is an academic library attached to a university. Its mission consists of :

1- The study and research functions.

2-The providing of framework or participation in various missions to disseminate information and knowledge (exhibitions – scientific events, etc.).

Library service

The central library contains 03 departments that manage it

  • The acquisition service 
  • Treatment service
  • Bibliographical research service
  • Referral service

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Director’s note

In recent years, university libraries have undergone profound changes as a result of the flow of information and the evolution of new information and communication technologies (NICT).

Faced with this state of affairs, the library must respond to modernization and cope with the explosion of digital technology.

The Central Library is a scientific and cultural institution, it is the image of the institution.its leading role is to support and improve the academic level of students on the one hand, and the development of research. science on the other hand.

It is also an inevitable factor in the operation to safeguard information, its organization, its analysis and its dissemination at the university level.

Dear readers, it is mainly to meet your needs that we make our documentary background available to you.

Your suggestions will be of great use to us.

  Good luck and good reading to you!


Secretariat of the Library Sidi Said 2nd Floor

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