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Acquisition Service
    • he acquisition service is one of the first spaces in the documentary series that works to develop the library’s collections.

      It is responsible for:

      – strengthen and enrich the documentary fund.

      -receiving documents.

      – inventory any type of documents (books, journals, dictionaries, theses), from the donation, purchase or gift and insert them into the inventory register.

      – To propose in relation to the libraries of the faculties the programs for the acquisition of university books and documentation.

Head of Service: BELAROUCI Abdelkader Email:
Head of service:OSTMANE Djamila Email:
Treatment service

All documentary resources acquired by the library will receive a bibliographical description, indexing and material processing to enable users to find the best possible tracking.

The processing department is responsible for:

-the bibliographical or catalographic description that determines the elements necessary to identify the author and the document (author, title, place of publishing, publisher, date of edition, etc.)

– the literature review that examines the content of the document to establish its classification and allow the identification according to the subject.

The bibliographical work is carried out in accordance with international standards of library control to ensure multiple access to documents with an integrated library management system.

Bibliographical research service
  • The library research department is one of the most important technical services at the central library. It ensures that research is guaranteed and library sources and acquisitions are exploited. It performs the following missions:

    – Elaboration and development of databases and databases.

    – search services through existing electronic catalogues in the form of databases.

    -Enrolling researchers in the national online documentation system SNDL

    – Insertion and correction of data on databases and electronic catalogues (Collective Catalogue of Algeria)

Head of service: OULD LALA Malika. Email:
Head of service:HOUARI Bachir Email:
Referral service

It is the service most requested by users, it is in direct contact with the user, its missions are multiple and different:

  • Reader registration
  • Home orientation and information of users.
  • Ensure the presentation of documentary funds (Signal) inside and outside stores,
  • Establishment of the quitus.
  • Summoning beholden users.
  • follow-up readers:



Secretariat of the Library Sidi Said 2nd Floor

Tél. :045 70 77 83

Email :


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