Masters Courses

Training card

Faculty of Exact Sciences
Computer Science Courses
  •  Computer systems engineering
  •   Information systems and web technology
  •   Networks and distributed systems
 Mathematics Courses 


Faculty of Art and Languages
Critical Studies Courses
  • Modern and contemporary criticism
Linguistic studies Courses
  • Applied linguistics
Literary studies Courses
  • Modern and Contemporary Arabic Literature
French Language Courses
  • Language and Culture
  • Language Sciences
  • Didactics of foreign languages
English Language Courses
  • Didactics of foreign languages
  • Literature and civilisation
  • Didactics of foreign languages
Translation Courses
    • Didactics of foreign languages ESP
Performing Arts Courses
  • Dramaturgy of theatrical performance


Faculty of Law and Political Science

Law field

  • Business law
  • Private Law
  • Family Law

Political Sciences field

  • Political administration
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities Courses  -History-

  • History of the Muslim West in the Middle Ages
  • History of the Ottoman state (1453-1924)
  • History of the Algerian resistance and national movement

Humanities Courses-Archaeology-

  • Ancient archaeology
  • Islamic archaeology

Social Sciences  Courses-Sociology-

  • Sociology of communication
  • Sociology of education
  • Sociology of work organisation

Social Sciences  Courses -Psychology-

  • Work psychology of organisation and human resources management
  • Psychologie scolaire
  • Clinical psychology

Filière Sciences sociales -Philosophie-

  • General philosophy


Faculty of Science and Technology

Filière Construction Mécanique

Filière Electronique

Filière Génie civil

Filière Hydrolique

Filière Génie biomédical

Filière Sicences et génie de l’environnement

Filière Télécommunications

Filière Traveaux publics

Filière Automatique

Filière Génie de procédés

Filière Eléctronique


Faculty of Life and Natural Sciences
Agricultural sciences Courses
  • Perennial crops
  • Applied Phytopharmacy
  • Animal protection and nutrition
  • Plant protection
Food science and biotechnology 
  • Nutrition and dietetics, product quality and food safety
  • Microbial biotechnology

Biological sciences  Courses


Financial sciences and accounting 
  • Audit and management control
  • Corporate Finance
  • Accounting and auditing
Business Sciences Courses
  • Finance and international trade
  • Marketing of services
  • Industrial marketing
Economics Courses
  • Economic analysis and forecasting
  • Economics and business management
  • Industrial economics
  • International economics
  • Banking and monetary economics
  • Quantitative economics
  • works economics
Management Sciences Courses
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resources management
  • Management
  • public management
  • stratigic management



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