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Students holding a LMD licence or a university diploma from the classical system may register for a Master’s degree 

Registration in 1st year Master

  • Holders of a licence LMD (or equivalent foreign diploma).
  • Holders of a baccalaureate diploma + 4 years (classical system licence, higher education diploma or equivalent foreign diploma).

Registration in the 2nd year of the Master

  •  Holders of a baccalaureate diploma + 5 years (engineering diploma or equivalent foreign diploma).

File to be provided 

  • Handwritten application
  • Copy of the baccalaureate diploma (transcript) or equivalent foreign diploma.
  • Copy of the diploma allowing registration in a master’s programme (LMD licence, traditional system licence, higher education diploma).
  • Copy of the transcripts of the university course.
  • Descriptive document attached to the diploma (for LMD diplomas).
  • Certificate of good conduct.
  • Employer’s authorisation for employed students or certificate of non-activity.


The application file for a Master’s degree must be submitted to the departments.

If the application is accepted, the applicant must present the originals of the following documents (baccalaureate diploma, diploma of success, transcripts, etc.).

Students holding a first Master’s degree can only apply for a second Master’s degree after a period of five (05) years has elapsed.


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