Dr. BOUALEM Sid Ahmed بوعلام سيدأحمد
Faculté des Sciences de la Nature et de la vie
Département Sciences Agronomiques
Grade : Maitre de conférence classe A
Numéro de Téléphone :+213 699488044
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12, Avenue de l'ALN Mascara
Laboratoire Géo Environnement et Développement des Espaces
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Mots Clés de Recherche : Modules d'enseignements: - Viticulture speciale, Master 2 Specialite Cultures perennes - Agrumiculture, Master 2 Specialite Cultures perennes - Oleiculture, Master 2 Specialite Cultures perennes - Cultures perennes, Licence productions vegetales - V


Parcours académique :

Ingeniorat d'Etat en Agronomie 1991. Centre Universitaire de Mascara. Intitulé du Mémoire : Etude de l’alternance de l’olivier (Olea europea L.) cas de variété Sigoise. Magister en Eco-biologie 2004. Université Mustapha Stambouli de Mascara Intitulé du Mémoire : Bilan agro-écologique de l’olivier dans la wilaya de Mascara. Doctorat en Biologie végétale 2016. Université Mustapha Stambouli, Mascara. Intitulé de la thèse : Contribution à l'amélioration des techniques de stratification et de greffage de quelques espèces du genre Pistacia.


  • La revue : Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences
    Domaine : production vegetale, arboriculture, olivier, salinite
    Mots Clés : Salinity; olive tree; salt stress; proline; chlorophyll.
    Auteur : B. Sid Ahmed, B. Fouzia, A. Adda, G. Farid
    Issn : 1112-9867 Eissn : ******* vol : 11, Num : 1, pp : 525-538
  • Date de publication : 2019-01-01
  • Résume :
    Salinity is a major problem directly affecting the ecological balance and the development of agriculture in the Mediterranean basin, particularly North Africa. This phenomenon is considered as the most important abiotic factor limiting crops growth and productivity, degrading and polluting soils in arid and semi-arid. In order to study the influence of salinity, on the physiological parameters and to assess the potential of adaptation of the olive tree in a saline environment, three parcels containing the Sigoise variety and subject to different degrees of salinity were selected: Parcel 1 (non-saline); Parcel 2 (saline); Parcel 3 (very saline). Under a saline constraint, the results showed two contrasting tendencies, an intense increase in the content of proline, sodium (Na+) and chlorophyll (b), while water content, potassium and chlorophyll (a) decreased strongly with increasing salinity.

  • Climate change impact on rainfall spatiotemporal variability (Macta watershed case, Algeria)
  • La revue : Arabian Journal of Geosciences
    Domaine : changement climatique, eau
    Mots Clés : Climate change Water resources Spatial variability Drought Macta watershed Algeria 
    Auteur : E. Abdelkader, H. Mohammed, B. Boumediene, B. Sid Ahmed
    Issn : 1866-7511 Eissn : ******* vol : 10, Num : 22, pp : 1-14
  • Date de publication : 2017-11-01
  • Résume :
    This work describes the climate change impact study on rainfall patterns in Macta watershed, located in the northwest of Algeria. The monthly rainfall data collection, verification and validation have built a database with 42 stations, each with 42 years of observations from 1970 to 2011. The study of annual total rainfall has identified a downward trend and quantifies the deficits that are within the observation time series. The division of the annual rainfall series into four periods allowed to highlighting the increase in inter-year temporal variability with the coefficient of variation increases from 17 to 27%. The study shows an annual rainfall deficit increment from 13 to 25%. The standard deviation values decrease significantly for the last two periods showing a spatial variability. Multivariate statistical study by the hierarchical clustering method resulted in the formation of station groups indicating the unification of monthly rainfall patterns.

  • Comparative Study of The Emergence and Growth of Young Seedlings of Five Varieties of Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) of Syrian Origin.
  • La revue : Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences
    Domaine : multidisciplinaire
    Mots Clés : Pistachio, variety, lifted, seedlings, growth.
    Auteur : B. Sid Ahmed, B. Kheloufi , B. Djilali, B.R. Ghalem, E. Abdelkader
    Issn : 2090-4274 Eissn : ++++++ vol : 7, Num : 3, pp : 157-165
  • Date de publication : 2017-01-05
  • Résume :
    The present work is to study the emergence and growth of seedlings of five pistachio varieties that are: Batouri, Achouri, Neb-Djemel, Adjmi and Bayadhi. The study was conducted in a greenhouse temperature and photoperiod were controlled. The seeds are germinated in pots filled with peat without going through the damp cold stratification at a temperature of 4ºC. The results obtained showed that growth parameters (length and diameter of the plants) revealed significant tests while other parameters (emergence rate, root length and number of leaves per plant) had showed no significant tests. About the number of emerged plants per day, variety Achouri comes first while the variety Neb-Djemel comes last. About the number of emerged plants per day, variety Achouri comes first while the variety Neb-Djemel comes last. For the evolution of growth in height, it is on average 2cm per week until two months after emergence; then it becomes 0.37 and 0.88cm for the final week of growth.

  • Utilization of Date juice for the Production of Lactic Acid by Streptococcus thermophiles.
  • La revue : Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research
    Domaine : biochimie
    Mots Clés : lactic acid production, date juice, streptococcus thermophilus
    Auteur : B. Djilali, R. Bachir , H. Ahmed, B. Zaouaoui, S. Fatima, O.Y. Karima, B. Sid Ahmed
    Issn : 2572-8466 Eissn : ++++++ vol : 3, Num : 3, pp : 362?364
  • Date de publication : 2017-04-23
  • Résume :
    The interest in the fermentative production of lactic acid has increased due to the prospects of environmental friendliness and of using renewable resources instead of petrochemicals. In this context, we have judged that is gainful to use the date juice which is with a low commercial value as a substrate for the production of lactic acid by Streptococcus thermophilus. Further, dates are rich in sugar ranging from 65% to 80% on dry weight basis mostly of inverted form (glucose and fructose), which can used as carbon source for the fermentation and the production of microbial biomass. The parameters optimization for lactic acid production by S. thermophilus grown on medium based on dates in order to improve yields is applied in this study. The results showed that the maximum of lactic acid production (36.9g/l) is obtained after the enrichment of date juice with yeast extract (15%), Tween 80 (1g/l) MgSO4 (0.5g/l), MnSO4 (0.02g/l) and K2HPO4 (1g/l).

  • Biochemical and biometrics characterization of five varieties of Pistacia vera L. grown in Maoussa experimental station (northwest of Algeria).
  • La revue : Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
    Domaine : biocchimie
    Mots Clés : Pistacia vera L.; biometrics; fruit; kernel; varieties
    Auteur : B. Sid Ahmed, B. Kheloufi , E. Abdelkader
    Issn : 0975-7384 Eissn : ++++++ vol : 7, Num : 4, pp : 1120-1130
  • Date de publication : 2015-04-01

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