Dr. HACINI Ishaq حسيني إسحاق
Faculté des Sciences Economiques, Commerciales et des Science de Gestion
Département des Sciences Economiques  
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Laboratoire d'Analyse, de Prospective et de Développement des Emplois et des Compétences
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 Academic Habilitation, specialty of Economics Sciences. Sidi BelAbbes University, Sidi BelAbbes, Algeria, January 2017.  PhD in finance from Tlemcen University, Algeria, 2015, Thesis Title: Determinants of bank efficiency: empirical evidence from Algeria.  MBA degree specialty of finance from Mu’tah University, Jordan in June 2010. Thesis Title: Selectivity, Market Timing and Investment Styles of Mutual Funds Managers in the Jordanian Context. Bachelor of Economics, specialty of Money, Finance and Banks from University of Mascara, Algeria in June 2006.


  • Comparison on Efficiency of Foreign and Domestic Banks Evidence from Algeria
  • La revue : Journal of Banking and Financial Economics
    Domaine : Finance
    Mots Clés : Data Envelopment Analysis, Domestic banks, Effi ciency, Foreign banks
    Auteur : Hacini, I, & Dahou, K
    Issn : 1366-5626 Eissn : vol : 2, Num : 10, pp : 06–119
  • Date de publication : 2018-10-28
  • Résume :
    The study investigates the differences in technical, pure technical, and scale efficiencies of domestic and foreign banks in Algeria over the period of 2000–2012. The study uses annual data of 10 foreign banks and 05 domestic banks operated in Algeria. The input-oriented Data Envelopment Analysis model is used to measure the banks’ efficiency score. In addition, a set of parametric and non-parametric tests are used for investigating the differences in efficiencybetween foreign and domestic banks. The findings reveal that the banks in Algeria could improve their technical efficiency by 23%. In addition, it seems that banks in Algeria suffer from the scale inefficiency. On the other hand, the foreign banks are more technically efficient than domestic banks. The superiority of foreign banks in technical efficiency is due to their superiority in the scale efficiency.

  • Knowledge management as a critical success factor in developing international companies’ organizational learning capability
  • La revue : Journal of Workplace Learning
    Domaine : Management
    Mots Clés : Knowledge management, organizational learning,
    Auteur : Dahou,K., Hacini, I & J Burgoyne
    Issn : 1366-5626 Eissn : vol : 31, Num : 3, pp : 2-16
  • Date de publication : 2019-03-19
  • Résume :
    Purpose Organizational learning (OL) represents the real value and the heart of strategic management, the focal point to keep track of international development. This paper aims to investigate the effect of knowledge management (KM) on the development of OL capability (OLC) in international hotels installed in Algeria. Design/methodology/approach This deductive descriptive case study research examines the impact of KM, using knowledge conversion process (KCP) on the development of OLC. In all, 70 expatriates were targeted to respond to questionnaires, while only 47 were valid for analysis. Multiple regression analysis is used to analyze the influential processes on OLC. Findings The socialization, externalization and internalization have a direct positive significant effect on the development of OLC. Socialization is the major influencing factor. However, the combination has no effect on OLC. In sum, KM has an impact on the development of OLC in international hotels in Algeria. Practical implications Exhibiting the strong interdependency between KM and OL, expatriates emphasize on KM as the learning facilitator. The international hotels keen to realize KM as major process to build OLC. Socialization and internalization reinforce learning by providing primordial sophisticated tacit knowledge. Externalization generates expertise and strategic knowledge. Originality/value First, the research confirms the effect of KM process using KPC on OLC, stimulating learning at all levels; especially, in a developing Arab country, emphasizing the research’s theoretical contribution. The research is of high contribution, first of a kind in exploring the development of OLC in international hotels in the Algerian context; it is a newly emergent market, in its infancy stage, and an alternative that Algeria tries to boost to steer away from petroleum dependency.

  • La revue : Revue Marocaine de Recherche en Management et Marketing
    Domaine : Management
    Mots Clés : Fonction RH, empowerment, marketing RH, innovation organisationnelle
    Auteur : MECHEROUR, M. E. A., & HACINI, I.
    Issn : 2028-5175 Eissn : vol : 1, Num : 19, pp : 368-388
  • Date de publication : 2019-06-01
  • Résume :
    This study aims to highlight the contribution of the modern HRM practices such as empowerment and HR marketing to the actors' innovative behaviors. The study is conducted in Algeria Telecom Company, Unit of mascara. In the context of the stimulation of innovation following to “liberalize the creativity that’s in you”, the company has adopted several organizational changes in different fields such as the structure and policies. The results revealed that there is positive impact of empowerment and HR marketing on organizational innovation in Algeria Telecom.

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