Dr. KHELFI Chahrazed خلفي شهرزاد
Faculté des Lettres et des Langues
Département Langue et littérature française
Grade : Maitre de conférence classe B
Numéro de Téléphone :0541883586
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Cité des 500 logts Usto Oran

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Assistant Professor in Tanslation Studies and Lexicometry. she studied Translation at Ahmed Benbella University in Oran, and completed her MA in 2005. From 2013 to 2014 she held a scholarship of the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for phD thesis completion at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (INALCO) in Paris. After obtaining her phD in 2016, she worked as a research associate at the National Center of Research in social and Cultural Anthropology(CRASC) where she carried out a research project entitled "The Memory of the Algerian War in the Algerian Daily Press". Her research interest includes Descriptive Translation Studies, Corpus Linguistics and Lexicometry.Her current research project is" The Translational Arabic Corpus for Translation Studies and Language Teaching" Which aims at designing a comparable corpus composed of written arabic texts translated from English and French language. Methodologically, the research is a corpus-based study which falls within translation studies, contrastive linguistics along with computational linguistics. The relevance of the project resides in its ability to support a broad range of studies in two main disciplines, translation studies and contrastive linguistics. Characterization of translation methods, strategies and universals would lay the foundations for an Arab translation theory which is not very advanced in the Arab research landscape. Contrastive account of Arabic, English and French grammatical properties to be used in language pedagogy. It is of potential interest to computational multilingual research such as machine translation and building of context multilingual dictionaries.

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