Nowadays, the international community has significant geoscience knowledge and skills necessary for providing essential resources and promoting sustainable development for the benefit of humanity . In this planetary objective, geoscientific expertise is the tool which provides important information for the knowledge of mineral, energy and biological resources, technically reliable, economically affordable and sociologically feasible.

Considering the recommandations of the experts and participants of the first edition (2021), the Second International Conference on Geo-Sciences and Environment (2nd ICGSE), will be held on September 17 and 18, 2022 at the University of Mustapha STAMBOULI (Mascara, Algeria) in order to open up the debate on different scientific skills in the fields of geology, hydrology, hydrogeology and environmental sciences.

Through its interdisciplinary program, this second meeting will also provide a real platform for sharing respective experiences between proven researchers, managers and decision-makers, so as to discuss the most recent concerns and to present pragmatic solutions to the environmental challenges encountered as well.

The involvement of new doctoral students in useful research, oriented towards the strategic objectives of the country, namely meeting the challenge of a global and sustainable development of the national territory is strongly requested by the organizers and experts of this scientific event.

The main axes selected for the 2nd CIGSE meeting deal with an innovative tendency, both in terms of exploration of natural resources (soil, water, useful deposits, biological resources, etc.) and preservation of the environmental quality of living spaces, the only guarantee of the promotion of sustainable development.

These are the objectives of this second international conference on geosciences and the environment (2nd CIGSE), through which the organizers will try to involve Algerian and foreign specialists in the concerned fields in order to share their experience and serve the development and growth of our society.
Hence, geologists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists and environmental science specialists interested in this issue are invited to submit their abstracts for participation either by oral communication or poster display.




ELOUISSI Abdelkader





Themes of the Second International Conference on Geo-Sciences & Environment :

Track 1. Environmental Geology and Dynamic Tectonics

Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Paleontology, and Geochronology

Structural and tectonic geology

Magmatism and geochemistry

Track 2. Hydrology

Climate change, adaptation, observation

Extreme events (drought, floods, etc.)

Treatment, recycling and reuse of non-conventional water resources

Water desalination: innovation and environmental impacts

Water sustainability and climate change

Water resource management

Track 3. Hydrogeology and Environment

Hydrogeochemistry and water-rock interactions

Isotope hydrology

Groundwater models, water resources management and protection

Coastal aquifer and marine invasion

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Scientific Committee :

Scientific Committee
Dr. ZAAGANE Mansour (university of mascara)
Pr. TAUPIN Jean Denis ()
Pr. TABUCE Rodolphe ()
Pr. TABLIOUNA Mohamed ()
Pr. SEDDIKI Abdel El Madjid ()
Pr. SALAMON Mariusz ()
Pr. SADRATI Nassima ()
Pr. PULIDO-BOSCH Antonio ()
Pr. ÖZER Sacit ()
Pr. OUALI MEHADJI Abdelkader ()
Dr. N NAIMI Mohammed. ()
Dr. MOULLA Adnane Souffi ()
Pr. MEDDI Mohamed ()
Pr. MAOUI Ammar ()
Pr. MALTI Fatima-Zohra ()
Pr. MAHBOUBI Chikh Younes ()
Pr. LAOUAR Rabah ()
Pr. KHADHAR Samia ()
Dr. HARIZIA Abdelkader (university of mascara)
Pr. HAMIMED Abderrahmane (university of mascara)
Pr. HAMED Younes ()
Pr. HABI Mohamed ()
Pr. FEREE Bruno ()
Pr. EL QOT Gamal ()
Pr. DRIAS Tarek ()
Pr. DEBIECHE Taha Hocine ()
Dr. DABANLI Ismail ()
Dr. CHERIF Amine ()
Pr. CAVIN Lionel ()
Pr. BOUTALEB Abdelhak ()
Dr. BOUKHARI Yahia ()
Pr. BOUANANI Abderrazak ()
Pr. BELOULOU Laroussi ()
Pr. BENSLIMANE Mohamed ()
Pr. BENSALAH Mustapha ()
Dr. BENGUERAI Abdelkader ()
Pr. BENDELLA Mohamed ()
Pr. BEKKOUSSA SAMIR BELGACEM (university of mascara)
Dr. ABBACHE Abdelkader ()
Pr. BENYOUCEF Madani (university of mascara)

Organizing Committee :

Organizing Committee
Ma. ZAIDI Mohamed Amine (university of mascara)
OUAFRIGH Oumeria ()
Dr. MOULAI Djilali (university of mascara)
Dr. MILOUDI Kaddour (university of mascara)
GARAH Abdelmoumen ()
Pr. BOUGUENNA Driss (university of mascara)
Dr. BENGARNIA Benmerine (university of mascara)
Dr. BAKHTI Benaoumeur (university of mascara)
BENZATER Benali (university of mascara)

Important dates :

Deadline for receipt : 2022-06-01
Response from the scientific committee :2022-07-01

Event date :

2022-09-17 /2022-09-18 ?

E-mail : / / / Contact us, if you need more information:

General informations

Send an extended summary of 60 lines (2 pages maximum) with problematic and results. The summaries can be written in French or in English, accompanied by local words. The summaries should be contained in the following standards:

Title Times New Roman, 12 bold font, upper case and single line spacing

Authors: Times New Roman, font 12 italic, coordinates in Times 10.

name, surname (11 Arial)

Text:on A4 21x29 page, single spaced, Times 12.

Margins: height, right and left 2.5cm.

Abstracts should be sent by email as attachments in Word format to the following address: / / / Contact us, if you need more information:

Oral communications will be the subject of a 15-minute presentation in French or English. The scientific committee will select the papers on the basis of the abstracts provided and the authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal.

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PHOTO ALBUM Second International Conference on Geo-Sciences & Environment

PHOTO ALBUM Second International Conference on Geo-Sciences & Environment

Folded of Conférence :

Download file (PDF) :

Report of Conférence :

Download report of Conférence (PDF) :


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je n'arrive pas à accéder à la plate forme, et je ne me souviens pas si ma participation serait
orale ou poster
merci infiniment

@hamzaoui wahiba

@hamzaoui wahiba

@hamzaoui wahiba

@hamzaoui wahiba


@Harrat Nabil
je veux participé au séminaire. Thème: Groundwater Models, Water Resources Management And Protection

@Chabi Nacira
Je suis doctorante à l'école nationale supérieure des sciences de la mer et d'aménagement du littoral ENSSMAL à Dely Ibrahim, Alger, spécialité: environnement marin et aménagement du littoral.

@Abdellatif DEHNI
Je suis intéressé par votre conférence y compris les sujets thématiques et d'actualités. En Espérant vous rejoindre en cette manifestation scientifique.

Bonne continuité

@Hassan Benfetta
je suis intéressé par votre conférence

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