The NCWSE-S is the first national Conference on Water, Soil and Environment Sustainability, organized by the faculty of Sciences and technology, Mustapha Stambouli University of Mascara, Algeria. This conference calls for an integrated management of water and soil as interconnected resources and implementing sustainable environment development practices. It focuses on raising awareness about the significance of water and soil, and also empowers and involves academic and scientific community, managers, organizations and PhD students to enhance this issue.








GAIDI Laouni

Themes of the 1st National Conference on Water, Soil and Environment Sustainability (NCWSE-S’2024) :

Theme 1: Climate change and natural risks

Theme 2: Mobilisation of water resources in Algeria

Theme 3: Impact of water and soil degradation on the environment

Theme 4: Natural resources conservation and advanced methods towards environmental sustainability.

Learn about our work committees

Scientific Committee :

Scientific Committee
Dr. GAIDI Laouni (university of mascara)
Pr. BOUADI ABED (university of mascara)
Dr. ATALLAH M'hamed (El-Bayadh University Center)
Dr. ATMA Wafa (university of mascara)
Pr. AYECHE Riad (Bordj Bou Arreridj University )
Pr. AZZAZ Habib (university of mascara)
Dr. BEKHTI-SIAD Amaria (university of mascara)
Pr. BEKKOUSSA SAMIR BELGACEM (university of mascara)
Pr. BENMIMOUN Youcef (university of mascara)
Pr. BOUANANI Abderrazak (Tlemcen University )
Dr. Boumediene Maamar (Tlemcen University )
Dr. DAHMANI Ali (university of mascara)
Dr. DJELLOULI Fayçal (El-Bayadh University Center)
Pr. GHEMBAZA Moulay Smaine (Djillali LIABES University - Sidi Bel-Abbes)
Pr. MEDDI Mohamed (National Higher School of Hydraulics Blida)
Dr. OULDMOUMNA aoumria (university of mascara)
Dr. OUMRANI Nasre-eddine (university of mascara)
Dr. SAHNOUN Ali Yacine (National Polytechnic School of Algiers)
Dr. SAYAD Chahira (university of mascara)
Dr. SEMARI Khadidja (university of mascara)
Pr. TERKHI Sabria (Mostaganem University)
Dr. TALIA Amel (university of mascara)
Pr. BOUCHEKARA Mohamed (Mascara university)

Organizing Committee :

Organizing Committee
Ma. BENSTAALI Imène (university of mascara)
Dr. BENAISSA KADDAR LEILA (university of mascara)
Dr. BOUREGBA Naouel (university of mascara)
Dr. CHAOUCH Djamel Eddine (university of mascara)
Dr. ELMAHI Aicha (university of mascara)
Dr. KIARI Fatima Zohra (Mascara university)
Ma. SERRAT Amel (university of mascara)

Important dates :

Deadline for receipt : 2024-07-15
Response from the scientific committee :2024-10-01

Event date :

2024-11-04 /2024-11-04 ?

E-mail :

General informations

Download template (PDF/DOC) :

Download template

Send an extended summary of 60 lines (2 pages maximum) with problematic and results. The summaries can be written in French or in English, accompanied by local words. The summaries should be contained in the following standards:

Title Times New Roman, 12 bold font, upper case and single line spacing

Authors: Times New Roman, font 12 italic, coordinates in Times 10.

name, surname (11 Arial)

Text:on A4 21x29 page, single spaced, Times 12.

Margins: height, right and left 2.5cm.

Abstracts should be sent by email as attachments in Word format to the following address:

Oral communications will be the subject of a 15-minute presentation in French or English. The scientific committee will select the papers on the basis of the abstracts provided and the authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal.

PHOTO ALBUM 1st National Conference on Water, Soil and Environment Sustainability (NCWSE-S’2024)

PHOTO ALBUM 1st National Conference on Water, Soil and Environment Sustainability (NCWSE-S’2024)

Folded of Conférence :

Download file (PDF) :


Je vous écris pour soumettre mon résumé en vue de la recherche que je mène sur les eaux de surface et les eaux dessalées, et leur impact sur les usages industriels et agricoles, ainsi que les conséquences du réchauffement climatique sur leur comportement.

@Guemgam Abdelkader
Est-il possible de participer à distance ?
Et merci d'avance

Bonsoir, peut on participer en ligne?

@DEHNI Abdellatif
Y'a t-il une possibilité de participze en ligne et Merci d'avance. mon thème s'articule sur la cartographie décisionnelle multicritère des potentialités en eaux souterraines de la plaine de Ghriss - Mascara

Bonsoir. Puis-je savoir cette conférence sera en ligne? merci d'avance.

Prise en charge?

@zahia Abdellaoui
bonsoir est que la conference est en ligne

@Mansour Ilham Dalal
N'intéresse beaucoup pour votre conférence

My study focuses on the parameters of watsewater. , which presents a renewable source of hydraulic energy , a politic adopted by Algeria to face the global water crisis. The investigation spot light on water quality for better reuse and management of water resources.

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