Arabic Linguistics

Project objectives

The project aims at achieving these objectives:

  • Provide supervisors in the field of language studies in the department of Arabic language and literature in the University of Mustapha Stambouli Mascara
  • Ignites students’ interest and contribution to the of field of Arabic linguistic heritage
  • Encouraging students to produce written materials about language research
  • Training, creating and supporting researchers who will be specialists in modern linguistics studies.
  • Besides the aforementioned objectives, this project is intended to enrich the scientific field, more specifically the Arabic linguistic studies.


Title of the Projectteam of the projectModules
Linguistic Studies Specialization: Applied Linguistics- Arabic linguisticsDr. BENFETTA Dr. BENKOUIDER Dr. LOUSRA Dr. KIDARI Dr. Ahmed BABA
  • – – Research Methodology – Levels of language – .Lexicon /The Scientific Investigation of texts – Quran and Language Studies – Arabic Linguistics/ Applied Linguistics