Scientific Council


The faculty’s scientific council includes, in addition to the dean of the faculty, the following members: Vice-deans, Heads of departments, Chairs of the scientific committees of departments, the director (s) of research units and / or Research laboratories, if founded, two elected representatives of teachers per department, the head of the faculty’s library.

The teachers’ representatives are elected, by their peers, for a period of three years, renewable according to the same forms, from among the highest grade permanent teachers, in active position within the faculty.

The president gets elected from the embers of the council for a term of three years, renewable, in the same forms, once.

The members’ list of names of the scientific council is fixed by a decree from the minister of  higher education.

The faculty’s scientific council meets in ordinary session once every three months when convened by its president.

It can meet in extraordinary session at the request of either its president, two-thirds of its members, or the dean of the faculty.

Executive decree n ° 03-279 of 24 Joumada Ethania 1424 corresponding to August 23, 2003 fixing the missions and the specific rules of organization and operation of the university.


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