The library of the Faculty of Science and Technology was created in 2013 followed by the creation of the Faculty of Science and Technology by Ministerial Decree n° 09-12 on 04-01-2009. The FST Library is part of the former central library of the University of Mascara, from the first time this latter was created.

The library of FST which is located in the university center of STAMBOULI plays a crucial role in accessing to the various documentary resources. It welcomes the various disciplines of the FST faculty’s students, teachers (teacher, doctoral student, researchers).

Opening hours

The library of FST of the University of Mascara is open from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. without a break.


The library provided documentaries according to the different disciplines studied in the faculty of a total of 7674 titles and 27537 copies, including:

The Specialties that is available at the Library

1- Works


  • General
  • Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Statistics and probabilities


  • General
  • Mechanics and vibrations
  • Electricity and energy
  • Electromagnetism and relativity
  • Thermodynamics
  • Optics
  • Strength of materials


  • General
  • Physical chemistry and molecular chemistry
  • Mineral and industrial analytical chemistry
  • Organic chemistry

 Computer science

  • General IT
  • Programming
  • IT


  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Electric library
  • Industrial design
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture


 the library possesses  a large number of the theses of the old classical system and the new LMD system, so in brief we find more than 1166 titles and more than 2512 copies of the graduation theses.

3-The Engineering Technique:

The library possesses a large number of engineering techniques which are served to students and teachers in the form of packs.

1- Mathematics for the Engineer

2-Physics Chemistry

3-Software Technologies System Architectures

4- Telecommunications Networks

5- Analysis techniques

6- Energy Engineering

7- Converters and Electrical Machines

8- Infrastructure and Materials

9- Building Techniques: the Building Envelope

10- Unit Operations. Chemical Reaction Engineering

11- Green Chemistry

12- Functions and Mechanical Components

13- Civil Engineering

14- Physic-Chemical Constants

15- Electronics

16- Security of Information Systems

17- Signal Processing and its Applications

18- Systems Engineering and Robotics (EX Industrial Computing)

19- Quality and Safety in the Laboratory

20- Physical Measurements

21- Measurement and testing Electronic

22- Electronic Measurements and Tests

25- Electrical Networks and Applications

23- Instrumentation and Measurement Methods

26- Bioprocess


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