Report on the visit of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

On February 28, 2023, the Rector of Mustapha Stambouli University, Pr. Samir BENTATA, visited the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, with the vice-rectors of the university. The
purpose of the visit was to attend the enlarged pedagogical committee of the faculty, chaired by its Dean and assisted by the two vice-deans.
The vice-dean in charge of studies and student issues presented the statistics on the success and repetition rates for the two academic years: 2021-2022/ 2022-2023. In addition, he gave a
detailed presentation of the faculty’s pedagogical assessment.
For his part, the vice-dean in charge of post-graduation, scientific research and external relations addressed several points such as internships, research activities, scientific events,
training days as well as the main agreements concluded by the faculty during the last years.
Moreover, the vice-rector in charge of external relations, animation, communication and scientific events, Pr. Rabeh KHENATA, gave additional information on the main scientific
activities and internships during the current academic year.
In addition, the vice-rector in charge of postgraduate training, university habilitation, scientific research and postgraduate training, Pr. Khaled BENMERIEM, insisted on the
scientific publications in category A and B journals present on the internationally recognized platforms, because they have a favorable impact on the improvement of the visibility of the
university and on its ranking.

Finally, the rector of the university, Professor Samir Bentata, underlined the importance of holding this kind of meeting in order to bring the first responsible of the university closer to
the faculty on the one hand, but also to work in all transparency. Thus, he addressed the points of strength and weakness of the faculty, in particular with regard to the pedagogical and
scientific aspect, while insisting on the quality of the activities and the work carried out by the teachers which reflect the image of the university and improve its visibility and its
classification, as well on the national as international levels. He also stressed the importance of promoting the journals published by the faculty from category "C" to category "B".
The floor was then given to the teachers who expressed their concerns.
To conclude this meeting, the Rector underlined the considerable efforts made by the administration, headed by the Dean and all the administrative and pedagogical staff.


الناجحين الجدد في شهادة البكالوريا 2024