The opening of the third (3) session of application for university habilitation

It is brought to the attention of the lecturers class “B”, that in anticipation of the opening of the 4th session in order to obtain the university habilitation, the PROGRES platform is open on the following link:  

In order to apply for university habilitation, candidates should :

1-Go to the Personnel and Training Department to obtain a user name and password for those who do not have one.

2-Deposit a detailed report of the can didate’s pedagogical and research activities, at the level of the Vic-Rectorate of Postgraduate Training, Habilitation, Scientific Research and Postgraduate Training, duly stamped by the head of the department and the dean of the candidate’s faculty.

Deposit the file before May 12, 2023 at the level of the vice-rectorate



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