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The Intensive Computing or High Performance Computing (HPC) is an area which includes the necessary hardware and software tools for running applications and complex techniques used in various academic and industrial fields such as hydrocarbons, pharmaceutical, medical imaging, meteorology and physics simulations. The development of the techniques of simulation has evolved in parallel with the evolution of computing capacities and parallel architectures. These developments have made it possible to attain what never was thought about before: computing capacities and solving a big amount of numerical problems in short times. Currently, the computing capacities attained by certain paralleled infrastructures if ordered by Petaflops (1015 operations per second). The computing capacity refers to the amount of computation (number of elementary operations) used per unit of time. Thus, an application is considered as intensive if its execution requires the use of a large number of computing resources so that it can operate in a reasonable time compared to the human timescale. For example, in the field of weather forecast, it would be too late to forecast next week’s climate during year of calculation.

Directed by : Mr.Bakhti Benaoumer

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