Energy is crucial for managing economic and other human activities. It represents a strategic dimension in the achievement of economic security, both political and social, while the absence of inadequacy of energy services or their lack of access to all regions and all categories affect the evolution of certain economic, social and political indicators. Consequently, the concept of energy security and sustainability has emerged, which means providing energy in its various forms, at an affordable price, for all regions, social categories and economic activities, in quantities adapted to the local demand, with well-managed and reliable supplies.
The supply reliability is an essential characteristic of energy systems: it assesses their ability to guard against operating incidents and is based on their dynamic reserves, characterized by the voltage plane and the frequency and whose characteristic times vary between a few milliseconds and a few hours. However, long-term prospective studies, focusing on the evolution of energy systems over several decades, do not make it possible to assess this supply reliability and the energy systems proposed over the prospective horizon may then no longer guarantee it. Otherwise, the massive integration of renewable energies could be done to the detriment of reliability, due to the complexity induced by the management of intermittency.
Stimulated by the climate change issues and economic globalization, prospective modeling is being significantly reinvested after years of neglect. The links which it establishes between numerical/quantitative projection, mathematical economics, public economics and strategic thinking make it a valuable tool in the context of international climate negotiations.
The renewed interest in this field is an opportunity to present the range of analyzes and prospective elements developed using the family of modeling and optimization models to build informed energy policies compatible with the climate challenge. and in line with a company's chosen direction.
These prospective models are used by a variety of different research environments, the subject matter is multidisciplinary, and many modeling and optimization teams/groups are small. To be a skilled user of comprehensive energy system optimization models requires expertise in the system in question, operations research and economics, coupled with knowledge of the needs of decision makers.
In the context of the energy transition and based on concrete examples, we will explore how these tools, which involve mathematical skills and applied economic, have become an essential aid for prospective reflection on policies to combat climate change and its impacts. In other words, we intend to understand the mechanisms underlying the ambitious contemporary energy policies at work in countries around the world.
This conference aims to deal with all the questions of modeling questions of energy, climate and natural resources, in particular from the angle of forecasting on climate, energy and the environment.


GUELLIL Mohammed Seghir




objectives of the The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Economy, Energy & Environmental - Prospective Modelling - (ICS3EPM'22) :

  • Shedding light on prospective modeling as well as strategic planning and displaying its role in the context of international climate negotiations and policies.
  • Provide a set of analyses and possible scenarios that have been developed using quantitative methods in order to build energy policies compatible with climate challenges and that are in accordance with the economic programs of nations.
  • Examining all aspects of prospective studies of energy, climate, and natural resources, focusing on energy, environmental and climate forecasting.
  • Understand the mechanisms behind ambitious contemporary energy policies in countries around the world.
  • Themes of the The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Economy, Energy & Environmental - Prospective Modelling - (ICS3EPM'22) :





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    MOKHTARI Fayçal
    TCHIKO fouzi
    BELAID Aouni
    HADJ AHMED Mohammed
    Tabeti Habib
    ADOUKA Lakhdar
    KERBOUCHE Mohammed
    SEFIH Sadek
    MELIANI Zoubida
    GHRISSI Larbi
    AIT ZIANE Kamel
    SOUAR Youcef
    BENALLAL Belkacem
    Hatem MASRI
    Mehmet Saraç
    Jorge Chica Olmo
    Rafael A. Cano Guervos
    BENBOUZIANE Mohammed
    BETTAHAR Samir
    MALIKI Samir Bahaa Eddine
    BENHABIB Abderrazak
    Yahia-Berrouiguet Abdelkrim
    BENATEK Omar
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    AYAD Hicham
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    CHEBAB sihem
    KHEDIR Oussama
    BEKBEK Leila Ismahane
    MOULAY ALI Houari
    Raad Mahmoud AL-TAL
    SOUIKI Boumediène
    Françoise SEYTE
    Francois BENHMAD
    Rabeh MORRAR
    MALKI Omar
    Emad Kamil HUSSEIN
    Kussay Ahmed SUBHI
    Tayser Sumer GAAZ
    Edeh Michael ONYEMA
    GHOUALI Samir
    Mohamed Sahbi Nakhli
    Ousama Ben-Salha
    AZMI Awad


    YAGOUB Mohamed
    TSABET Abderrahmane
    MOUCHAAL Khaled
    HOUARI Omar
    HOUARI Sid Ahmed
    DJELTI Samir
    HADJ AHMED Mohammed

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    Deadline for receipt : 2023-01-10
    Response from the scientific committee :2023-02-06
    Event date : 2023-03-06 /2023-03-07
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    PHOTO ALBUM The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Economy, Energy & Environmental - Prospective Modelling - (ICS3EPM'22)

    PHOTO ALBUM The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Economy, Energy & Environmental - Prospective Modelling - (ICS3EPM'22)

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