Organization of university Mustapha STAMBOULI of Mascara  

General Secretariat  

Vice Rectorates

  Common Services   Library   Faculties

Staff sub-division


 Vice Rectorate of the Higher Education of the First and Second Cycles, the Continuing Formation and the Diplomas, and the Higher Graduate Training


The intensive teaching language center




Exact sciences


Sub Directorate of Budget and Accounting

  Vice Rectorate of the Higher Education of the Third Cycle, University Empowerment, Scientific Research and Postgraduate Higher Education  

center of information and communication systems and networks, distance learning and distance education,



  Sciences and technology

The Sub-Directorate of resources and maintenance


Vice Rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and Scientific Manifestations


The tech lobby



  Sciences of nature and life

The management in scientific, cultural and sport

   Vice Rectorate for Development, Forward Studies and Orientation   Communication Management  


  Law and Political sciences
                Humanities and social sciences
                Letters and langagues
                Economies ,Business and Management sciences


Université Mustapha STAMBOULI Mascara, 29000 Algeria.

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